About anna

Photo credit: Kim Tsui

Photo credit: Kim Tsui

hi, I’m anna!

I am mom to two awesome and adventurous children. I offer a personalized photography experience that is playful, stress-free and captures the essence of your family.

People describe my work as happy, relaxed, playful and bright. My photography is a lot like me in those ways. I love to bring a modern, light-filled, clean aesthetic and lively spirit to my sessions and I’m inspired every day by the unique love, joy and connections of families just like yours.

Like me, my clients enjoy unplugging to reconnect with family whenever they can, and are the type to laugh easily and share of themselves willingly. My clients are generally happy and experience life in a wholehearted way. I love that my sessions provide them with the space to do just that, while I photograph the beauty of their family that goes beyond skin-deep. My passion is to capture not just what you look like but what it feels like to be in your company.

That’s the good stuff and it’s at the heart of why I’m a photographer.